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How We Learn

The Pre-School aims to provide a safe environment that encourages children to become independent learners. We feel children learn best when they :-

  • Feel successful
  • Feel in control of their actions and activities, are able to choose to participate in what they enjoy most.
  • Can see a sense of purpose to their efforts.
  • Feel what they do is important and valued by others.


We use the Early Years Foundation Stage to support the children's learning and development. Children at play are observed and assessed and place are put in place to support and widen their knowledge. We plan weekly for each individual child and provide activities that follow their interests and needs.

The observations and achievements are recorded on an online journal (one for each child) which you will be able to access at any time, record your own thoughts of what your see or read, add your own photos or observations.

Our Lady's Catholic Pre-School, Henshaw Road, Wellingborough, NN8 2BE
Telephone: 07807938154 Email: ourladyspre-school@hotmail.co.uk